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1. The World Bank has approved Atal Bhujal Yojana (ABHY),Rs.6000 Crore scheme, for sustainable management of ground water with community participation.
2. The funding pattern is 50:50 between Government of India and World Bank.
3. The identified over-exploited (OE) and water stressed areas for the implementation of the scheme fall in the States of
a. Gujarat,
b. Haryana,
c. Karnataka,
d. Madhya Pradesh,
e. Maharashtra,
f. Rajasthan and
g. Uttar Pradesh.
4. ABHY envisages active participation of the communities in various activities such
a. Formation of ‘Water User Associations’
b. Monitoring and disseminating ground water data
c. Water budgeting
d. Preparation & implementation of Gram-panchayat-wise water security plans
e. IEC activities related to sustainable ground water management.