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  1. INDUS FOOD-II with the theme of ‘World Food Supermarket’ will be held on 14th and 15th January 2019, at Greater Noida.
  2. The event is aimed at promoting India as a strong and reliable exporter of food and beverage products to the world.
  3. INDUS FOOD 2019 will promote value addition to India’s agriculture exports and integrate Indian farmers and agricultural products with global value chains.
  4. With more than 700 buyers from 70 countries visiting INDUS FOOD-II and more than 500 food suppliers, the event will lead to greater interaction of Indian exporters with global customers leading to enhanced product development and better price realization in international markets.
  5. mega food event will bring business opportunities to the doorstep of Indian producers and manufacturers and help small exporters, who cannot afford participation in overseas fairs, to have a direct interface with foreign buyers who visit India for this show.
  6. INDUS FOOD is a global platform where top exporters from Food and Beverage Industry of India will be participating and buyers from across the world have been invited.
  7. After the success of the first edition of INDUS FOOD in 2018, Trade Promotion Council of India (TPCI) has scaled up the Reverse Buyers-Sellers Meet (RBSM) with the financial assistance under Market Access Initiative (MAI) scheme of Department of Commerce.
  8. The event is divided into 15 product display zones viz.
    • sweets & confectionary,
    • dairy,
    • dry fruits,
    • fruits & vegetables,
    • Indian ethnic food & snacks,
    • meat poultry & seafood,
    • non-alcoholic beverages,
    • oil & oil seeds,
    • organic & health food,
    • pulses grain and sugar,
    • spices,
    • tea & coffee,
    • wine & alcoholic beverages,
    • consumer food, and
    • ingredients and fragrances & extracts.
  9. INDUS FOOD is a platform of its kind exclusively devoted to enhancing Indian exports in F&B sector.
  10. It enables B2B engagements of buyers and suppliers, after careful business matchmaking, which takes care of precise business requirements of each participant and enables him to pick and choose whom to meet.

Market Access Initiative Scheme, 2018

  1. Objective:
    1. A scheme to play catalytic role for promoting exports and addressing interventions required by India for exploring new markets and promoting export-oriented activities for commodities and services.
  2. Scope:
    1. To provide financial support to eligible agencies for undertaking various market access initiatives delineated in the Scheme including any direct/indirect activities for marketing, market research, capacity building, branding and statutory compliances in importing markets.

The Scheme envisages to cover the scope of both the erstwhile Market Access Initiative Scheme and Marketing Development Assistance Scheme.