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The Supreme Court is drafting new guidelines to ensure that urgent cases automatically come up before a Bench for hearing within four days of their being filed.


Oral mentioning is a convention by which lawyers short-circuit the long-winded filing procedures and make a direct appeal to the CJI, who is the court’s administrative head and master of roster, for early hearing.

  • The Chief Justice of India (CJI) takes a call on the spot, whether the case deserves to be heard out-of-turn.
  • This would mean pushing other cases off the list.
  • The CJI has often complained about how cases that were orally represented by a lawyer during mentioning, did not turn out to be urgent.
  • During the past few years oral mentioning has both sparked controversy and witnessed reform.
  • It was the oral mentioning of the Lucknow Medical College scam case before Justice (now retired) J.S. Chelameswar that triggered the row about the CJI’s powers as ‘master of roster.’