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1. A ‘pink revolution’ is quietly taking shape in Maharashtra.
2. The objective is to breed imported pigs to address the problem of protein deficiency in a sizeable section of the population that has been deprived of access to affordable meat besides providing livelihood to farmers.
3. Pink revolution is a term used to denote the technological revolution in the meat and poultry processing sector. India has already seen the ‘green’ and ‘white’ revolutions in its food industry – related to agriculture and milk respectively, now thrust is upon meat and poultry sector.
4. Meat and poultry could be a great potential
a. The meat consumption per capita have chances of significant growth.
5. Challenges include
a. safety export of such meats,
b. setting up of new slaughter houses and
c. cold storage for growth of the meat.
6. How government is promoting the Meat and poultry sector?
a. There is no GST imposed on meat and poultry sector.
b. There are no restrictions on the export of poultry and poultry products, and the government provides some transport subsidiaries.
c. Restriction on FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) have also been lifted.
d. Now FDI can be used up to full 100% in order to tap opportunities.
e. Government has also adopted some comprehensive schemes for modernization of slaughter houses across the country to meet the quality standards.