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  1. Iran has proposed a new platform – Persian Gulf Regional Dialogue Forum – for regional peace building in order to address the lingering conflicts and mistrust in the Gulf region.
  2. Key Highlights:
  3. As per Iran, such a forum should offer membership to countries based on a set of general principles to address real issues that affect people of the region and the world.
  4. Iran has suggested starting with a Regional Dialogue Forum, particularly in the Persian Gulf region which has been the scene of so many wars in the last four decades; from Saddam Hussein’s aggression against Iran and later against Kuwait, to US operations and finally to the humanitarian nightmare in Yemen.
  5. Admission to such a forum should be based on accepting generally-recognized principles and shared objectives, notably respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity and the political independence of all states, suggesting that the forum should render international boundaries inviolable and use of force impermissible.
  6. It laid out a set of confidence building measures that the member countries will have to consider in this forum.
  7. These measures could include
    • Freedom of navigation,
    • Assurance of free flow of energy and other resources and
    • Protection of the fragile marine ecology of the Gulf.
  8. Iran also suggested the regional powers to ensure popular legitimacy of their governments and to ensure harmony among various groups and identities in the member countries.