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What Students Are Saying

Its a good initiative by Abhinav sir who has a vast teaching experience of will really help those aspirants who cant go to delhi for preparation. i recommend u guys to attend the demo lectures and feel the difference.


I have attended the class of abhinav sir at spipa ahmedabad. Great faculty….

Gaurav Ayar

Its one of the Best and innovative UPSC coaching institute in Ahmedabad.

Shila Mishra

Best institute where one can achieve the goal with motivation. Best teaching staff with good experience as well as knowledge.

Siya desai

Best coaching center in Ahmedabad. faculty and staff are very friendly and supportive, Abhinav Sir motivate us a lot.

Aspirant GS

Lectures for current affairs organised by academy was really very good. Thank you Abhinav sir😊

Damini Solanki

I have attended classes of Geography and Environment by ABHINAV SIR. He is best in his work, very helpful, motivational, and dedicated. I experienced better learning than I ever had.

Bijal Patel

Civils IAS is a one-stop solution for UPSC aspirants. The materials, classroom notes, ppts helps a lot during revision time. It has a nice classroom, the tests series are of good quality. They have humble and helping staffs. Definitely, recommend this class. Just go and attend their Demo classes & u will come to know the quality of their lectures.

Nidhi M

Abhinav sir is one of the best teachers for UPSC. He is very friendly and provides valuable guidance for UPSC.

Nikunj Makwana

Geography becomes one of my favorites. After l learned it from Abhinav sir.

Gopallal Kalal

Abhinav sir is one of the best faculty for geography. He will explain every geographical phenomenon in minute detail. Every geo event is the result of various factors and sir makes sure to list and explain them all. His use of the smart board and digital notes is most effective and You can literally remember the whole lecture through these notes. The teacher is not only to be judged by his expertise but also by how he inspires their students. His calm demeanor and ability to motivate and support his student is also one of the biggest positive. When You join Civil’s IAS you don’t get faculty, but rather a mentor for life.

Ken Gi

Best in Ahmadabad faculty Best in Ahmadabad location Best in Ahmadabad civil service classes Trust me just go for it if you are thinking of joining this coaching 👍👍

Ashley raji

It is an amazing experience with Abhinav sir. He teaches in a very good manner with understanding instead of just learned by rote.

Ravi Dave

Abhinav sir… Best teacher ever… As well as Best Guide for the UPSC and GPSC… All the best..

Nirali Meswaniya

One can visualize everything and thus very easy to understand as projector ppts are also there. Way of teaching is very much student friendly.

Priyanka Powar

Excellent guidance and mentorship by Abhinav Sir and his team, specially Abhinav Sir’s teaching in Geography and Environment is very helpful for UPSC preparation.

Sachin Singh